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Sports Injury Therapy

Antony Daffurn BSc (Hons) MSST

Trisha Mitchell

I suffer from back pain which flares up every now and then to the point where the pain is unbearable leaving my mobility really restricted. Tony came highly recommended and I am so glad I went. From the first session the pain was very limited, by the second visit I had no pain whatsoever, I visited him 4 times and can't believe the difference, I haven't even taken any medication since the first visit..., all my back pain has gone... He has also shown me some really good exercises which are now helping my mobility and back and movement is not so restricted now. I can't recommend Tony highly enough, if and when my back does go again, I will not hesitate to book another session . 5 stars from me for a very professional guy who takes pride in his work and certainly knows his stuff!
Erin McIlven

Superb! Most knowledgeable therapist I've been to. Recommend to anyone.
Rose Sutherland

Tony has worked on my grandson Ewan for a short time due to growing pains, that stopped him playing football for a time.Ewan has worked hard to get back to fitness, however this would not have happened if Tony had not taken the time to get to know him, and build up a good relationship with him, throughout his sessions.

Tony is a true professional friendly and the most down to earth person I have met in a long time.
I would recommend him to anyone in need of treatment,

Thank You Tony and I will be watching to see your success in your own field of athletics, and when you win a Gold in years to come in Australia I will say, he helped my grandson .


Steven Wilson

Top class therapist with outstanding knowledge. Tony has helped me as an ageing rugby player with a different injury every other week. Tony has managed to keep me on the park. Tony has also helped family members who have been having injuries/issues for years recover within 6 weeks. Top class. Best therapist I have ever been treated by and I have seen a lot.

Eddie Stewart


Top bloke and a great therapist.  I would highly recommend Antony to anyone who is suffering through an injury.  The help I received over a few weeks with Antony has helped me better understand my own body and how to stretch and train effectively without causing myself injuries, and in doing so I've managed to beat all my own lifting records by a good 20kg just by correcting my posture and stretching out properly.

Will defo be my first stop if I pick up any more injuries
Craig Stewart, 27, Track and Field athlete. 800m PB 1:49.06, 400m PB 48.15


I first approached Tony regarding my long term achilles injury in March of this year. In the 18months leading up to this point, I had consulted with many leading sports doctors and achilles specialists who could not diagnose my injury. Tony did not only look at the injury in isolation but gave me a full body diagnostic which identified several subconscious habits and muscular deficiencies that I could work on to ease the discomfort that I had been experiencing. This was followed up with extensive research which resulted in Tony being the first to prognose a Haglunds deformity as the cause of my discomfort.

I had wanted to avoid surgery if possible and Tony helped me with a well researched rehab schedule which included taking me away from the traditional achilles strengthening exercises which Tony identified actually contribute to the discomfort in a Haglunds deformation. The plan was well thought out and included adaptions to my footwear as well as a progressive strengthening regime.

Unfortunately for me, my symptoms persisted. However, Tony was very straight with me and advised that he could do no more to help at which point I opted to go for surgery. Tony's prognosis has recently been confirmed by a world leading surgeon & author of numerous academic studies on achilles tendon injuries who identified my injury as a "classic Haglunds deformation" and subsequently removed a 10mm depth of bone across my achilles insertion.


I will be back for a detailed rehab program very shortly...

Mary Downey, Baillieston, Glasgow.
I contacted Tony regarding shoulder and arm pain. On my initial consultation, Tony spent time to explain the problems I was experiencing with my shoulder based on his initial examination. He gave me exercises to do at home and kept them simple and easy to follow. He is a professional and very friendly person and I felt at ease during my treatment. He stopped seeing me once the issue was resolved and did not drag out treatments. I would highly recommend Tony to others.
Holly Belch (Age 22), International Athlete and current 60m Hurdles champion 2013

An incident that was significant to me was when Tony discovered I had Piriformis Syndrome.
Before I approached Tony I thought I had an injury of my gluteus muscles. I had gone to a Physio about my problem however the Physio could not tell me what injury I had and would only be able to relieve it for one day. I asked Tony to find out what was causing the pain. Initially, he was able to relieve the pain by performing trigger points on the area. Again, this would stop the pain for a few days, however, it would always return. This greatly affected my training, as I was not able to perform at any training sessions because of the pain.
Tony did extensive research on what could be causing the pain. He asked many questions to help pinpoint what the injury might be. After Tony had researched the many possibilities he started by doing the treatment which he thought would help. He gave me clear and concise feed back on what he thought the problem could be. He performed many stretches and massaged the area to relieve it. This time the pain stayed away for longer, as he knew where the injury was coming from. He also told me how to prevent the pain from coming back.
Ever since this problem I adopted 2 years ago because of Tony’s advice I have never had the pain come back since. If it were not for Tony I could have seen many Physios before anyone took the initiative to find out what my injury was. Tony actually took the time and effort to research what the injury could be and came back with different treatment possibilities.